Romeo – Men’s Ballet Tights


• Two-tone men’s ballet tights
• Fully customizable men’s ballet tights
• Moisture Wicking
• Customize color and length
• 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
• Machine wash cold, no bleach, hand dry

2 Pieces
5% off
3 Pieces
7% off
4+ Pieces
10% off


Fully Customizable Men’s Ballet Tights

With our Romeo Men’s Ballet Tights you can feel great and confident in dance classes and rehearsals. Firstly, our all men’s dancewear is fully customizable. This means you can have a lot of fun designing your own ballet tights. In addition, we make our dance tights using a soft nylon and spandex blend. This helps wick moisture out and makes them very comfortable to dance in. Lastly, we make our entire line the USA to the highest quality standards. Be sure to check out our men’s dancewear collection for more cool men’s dancewear.

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